Build AI Apps on Flutterflow

Build AI Apps on Flutterflow

Discover how Flutterflow can be a better choice for Building GenAI apps?

Prashant Sharma
July 1, 2024
Table of content

1.Introduction: AI in App Development

Artificial Intelligence in  App development has grown significantly in today's technology market. Many people are creating apps with artificial intelligence because AI makes apps smarter and more intuitive for users, simplifies processes, and brings new features to developers.

More than 60% of startups are now AI startups, which shows how important it has become in the tech industry. However, integrating AI into projects can be complex and difficult.

This article guides you through the development of AI applications using the popular Flutterflow tool. Flutterflow makes it easier, faster, and cost-effective to develop AI applications, which will significantly improve your AI project.

2. How AI integration can improve your applications

2.1 Personalize user experience

This image shows why should you use AI in your Flutterflow App

AI application development is changing the way applications interact with users. Using machine learning and data analytics, AI can understand user preferences and habits to deliver personalized content and features. These personalized experiences keep users engaged, increase retention, and improve conversion rates. For example, our AI-powered travel app Travel Monkey, built with Flutterflow, provides users with the best travel recommendations and includes an AI assistant to enhance their experience.

2.2 Help for image and face recognition

This image shows usage of AI like image and face recognition

The development of AI applications makes image and face recognition much better and more accurate. Applications can easily identify and sort images or recognize faces, which is useful for security systems and organizing photo collections. For example, popular apps like Instagram use AI-powered image recognition to recommend filters based on image content. There are many exciting ways to use these additional features.

2.3 Automated Features

This image shows advantages of AI Automation

Application AI automation is an important tool for businesses to increase efficiency and save time. Automation ensures that tasks are completed consistently and without errors, improving overall reliability and avoiding human error. This is especially useful for repetitive tasks and ensures they are perfect every time.

For example, the development of artificial intelligence applications allows the creation of a chat room that communicates directly with customers, eliminating the need for human intervention. These chatbots can answer common questions, provide information, and even help with events in real-time. This not only saves time but also ensures that customers receive immediate responses, improving their user experience.

2.4 Improve application performance

This image shows AI increases App Efficiency

AI tools analyze data much more efficiently than humans, which improves application reliability and speeds up processes. They work continuously, making them ideal for tasks such as customer service; AI chatbots can help customers efficiently 24/7. This efficiency not only saves time but also reduces costs by automating repetitive tasks and minimizing errors.

For example, a food delivery app can use artificial intelligence to analyze massive amounts of user and restaurant data in real-time, predict peak orders, and optimize delivery routes. This not only ensures faster delivery but also reduces errors by suggesting the most efficient routes for drivers. In conclusion, AI integration improves application performance, streamlines operations, and improves user experience through faster and more accurate responses.

3. Why is Flutterflow the best tool for developing AI applications?

This image shows advantages of using Flutterflow for AI App Development

Flutterflow is recognized as one of the best low-code tools for developing AI applications. Low-code tools are designed to simplify the application development process, allowing developers to build applications with minimal manual coding. With Flutterflow, developers can build AI-powered apps more easily and efficiently.

Here are some key points that highlight Flutterflow for building AI applications

3.1 User-friendly interface

 Flutterflow provides a visual development platform that allows developers and novices to create advanced applications without extensive coding. Knowledge This user-friendly interface simplifies the development process, making designing and building applications simple and less complex.

3.2 AI Integration

Flutterflow offers several ways to integrate AI services into your project. You can use APIs and use Buildship, a low-code backend tool that easily connects to Flutterflow (highly recommended), and now Gemini AI is built into Flutterflow.

Below we have provided details on how to connect AI services to your Flutterflow project.

3.3 Real time collaboration

 Flutterflow supports a collaborative development environment that makes it easy for teams to work on projects. This is crucial in the App development process, which often requires the input of various experts such as data scientists, artificial intelligence experts, and software engineers. If you work in a team, you can purchase Flutterflow's team plan, which is cost-effective and offers access to all professional features, including code export and the ability to connect multiple APIs.

3.4 Efficiency and accessibility

 By simplifying the development process, Flutterflow enables developers to easily create advanced AI applications. Flutterflow is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to develop AI applications, ultimately driving innovation and progress in the technology industry.

The rise of AI in the technology market is undeniable, and a significant number of startups are focusing on AI technologies. Integrating AI can be difficult, but low-code tools like Flutterflow are revolutionizing the development process by making it easier and more efficient. Flutterflow stands out as a powerful low-code platform that enables seamless development of AI applications.

Using Flutterflow's visual development tools, you can customize and refine how users interact with your app, delivering a dynamic and immersive user experience that adapts to their preferences in real time. This combination of AI integration and visual development empowers developers to create innovative applications that effectively engage users.

4. AI services that easily connect with Flutterflow

4.1 Gemini AI  

connect gemini AI to access AI features into Flutterflow app

Gemini AI is a powerful AI service created by Google. It helps add smart features like automation, personalized recommendations, and data analytics to your apps.

Flutterflow is a tool for building applications based on the Flutter framework. Flutter is written in Dart, and Google supports both Flutter and Dart. This means that Flutterflow works very well with other Google products such as Gemini AI.

Flutterflow has a built-in Gemini SDK that allows you to connect your app to Gemini AI with one click. This makes it very easy to add AI-enhanced features to your app without much coding.

4.2  Buildship

Flutterflow and buildship duo make AI app development easy

With BuildShip, the possibilities for integrating various AI services into your FlutterFlow application are endless. BuildShip acts as a gateway that allows you to seamlessly connect different AI services, enhancing your app's capabilities and taking it to the next level.

Whether you're looking for image recognition, analytics, or any AI-based functionality, or manage your backend workflow, BuildShip simplifies the process by providing a single platform for integration. You can easily access various AI APIs and services and add them to your FlutterFlow application, all within the familiar BuildShip environment.

Leveraging the power of BuildShip, developers can unleash the full potential of AI in their FlutterFlow applications and create innovative and engaging user experiences. Whether you're building a productivity tool, social media platform, or gaming application, BuildShip empowers you to leverage AI services to improve functionality, improve user engagement, and drive success.

BuildShip makes it easy to integrate AI services like Gemini AI, ChatGPT, Claude, and other AI services into your Flutterflow application.

4.3 - Third Party API’s 

AI services that can integrate easily in Flutterflow AI App

In addition to many features, Flutterflow allows you to integrate various APIs directly into your application. This includes a wide range of third-party AI services. Integrating these services means you can easily add advanced AI features to your app.

Here are some popular AI services you can integrate with your Flutterflow project:

4.3.1. ChatGPT

 Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence that produces human-like text. It's perfect for building chatbots, writing assistants, and other tools that need to understand and produce natural language. For example, you can use ChatGPT to create a customer service chat room that handles questions and provides information to users during the conversation. We have integrated ChatGPT in many of our projects, as most of our customers want ChatGPT integration in their Flutterflow AI applications.

4.3.2. Claude AI

Claude AI is another powerful tool for understanding and generating natural language. It is perfect for tasks that require a deep understanding of the context and meaning behind the text. With Claude AI, you can create a virtual assistant that helps users with complex tasks such as travel planning or schedule management by understanding their requests and providing detailed and accurate answers.

4.3.3. MidJourney API

 If your application needs to create or edit images, the MidJourney API is a great choice. This AI can create images based on the descriptions you provide or modify existing images. For example, you can use the MidJourney API to create custom avatars for users, create artwork for your app, or even create an app that allows users to create their digital artwork.

With so many AI services available today, you can easily integrate them into your Flutterflow project. This flexibility allows you to build a rich AI application that delivers an amazing user experience. Whether you want to add smart chats, advanced natural language understanding, or creative imagery, Flutterflow makes it easy to integrate these powerful tools into your application. This way you can improve the functionality of your app and make it more interesting for users.

5. 5. Examples of AI-powered applications you can build with Flutterflow

This image shows ypes of AI Apps that can be created using Flutterflow

5.1 Chatbots

One popular type of AI application development is the creation of chatbots. Chatbots are programs that can naturally talk to users, almost like a real person. With Flutterflow AI App Development, you can easily create chatbots that answer customer questions, provide support, or even chat. Using artificial intelligence, these chatbots can understand and respond to various user inputs, making them very useful and interactive.

5.2 AI assistants

Another great example of AI application development is AI assistants. These assistants can help users with various tasks, such as setting reminders, sending messages, or searching for information. With the Flutterflow AI application development tool, you can create intelligent and powerful AI assistants that help users manage their daily activities more efficiently. These assistants can understand complex commands and give precise answers, which makes them very useful.

We developed an app called Travel Monkey and we have integrated an AI assistant into the project and it works great. We have provided information about our Flutterflow AI application below, which you can also view on the portfolio page of our website.

5.3 Language translation applications

Flutterflow AI application development can also be used to create language translation applications. These apps use artificial intelligence to translate text or speech from one language to another in real-time. This is especially useful for travelers or people learning a new language. With AI app development, your translation application can provide fast and accurate translations, facilitating communication in different languages.

5.4 Health and Fitness Applications Powered by AI

Health and Fitness applications are another area where the development of AI applications excels. With the Flutterflow AI app development tool, you can create apps that provide personalized exercise plans, track health metrics, and provide nutritional advice. AI can adapt to the progress and needs of the user, providing a more personalized experience.

FlutterflowDevs has also created a smartwatch fitness app called Fit360 that is fully developed using Flutterflow. Below we have provided information about our smartwatch AI app Fit360.

5.5 Applications for Creative AI Functions

Flutterflow can be used to build apps that enhance creativity. These programs can help users create art, write songs, or compose music using artificial intelligence. With AI, you can build apps that offer recommendations, generate ideas, or even create content based on user input. It makes creative tasks easier and more fun for users and opens up new opportunities for artistic expression.

In conclusion, Flutterflow's AI application development tools provide a powerful way to build a variety of AI applications, from chatbots to assistants to translation, health, and creativity applications. Using artificial intelligence, you can create functional and user-friendly applications that engage users and help them in real-world situations.

6. Examples of AI applications

6.1 Fit 360 Degrees

Fit 360 Fitness AI Flutterflow smartwatch  app

Fit360, with its advanced AI, acts as your personal trainer on your wrist. It helps you set fitness goals, gives personalized training tips, and keeps you motivated during workouts. Built on Flutterflow, Fit360 offers a smooth fitness experience with a sleek design. Plus, its AI assistant lets you ask about fitness, diet, and workouts, making it your all-in-one health companion.

Fit360 showcases the best in AI app development. With its smart features, beautiful design, and smooth performance, it redefines what a fitness smartwatch app can do. Loved by users around the world, Fit360 has received fantastic reviews for its innovative features and user-friendly user experience.

Check out Fit360 on our website

6.2 Travel Monkey -

AI powered travel Flutterflow App

Travel Monkey is an advanced travel application built with Flutterflow. Created for a Hackathon, it has received 5-star reviews for its beautiful design and smart features.

Travel Monkey Key Features:

Personalized Recommendations: Uses your travel choices, such as budget and trip duration, to recommend the best places to visit, with ratings and reviews.

Explore new cities easily: Help you easily find hot spots and hidden gems in new cities.

Travel Monkey, powered by Flutterflow, is the ultimate travel companion. Whether you need travel tips or want to discover new places, this app will make every trip easier and more enjoyable.

More information about Travel Monkey

6.3 Duolingo-

Duolingo app use AI into their application

Duolingo has revolutionized language learning with its interactive platform that offers courses in more than 30 languages. Known for its user-friendly interface and playful approach, Duolingo engages learners with exercises, games, and quizzes that teach vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation skills. Duolingo has integrated AI (artificial intelligence) features to make it even more efficient. AI algorithms personalize the learning experience by analyzing user data and recommending lessons tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses.

The platform uses adaptive learning to adjust the difficulty of exercises according to users' skill levels, ensuring that learners are appropriately challenged. Artificial intelligence also provides immediate feedback on exercises, and corrects pronunciation and grammar mistakes in real time, which speeds up learning. 

These AI advances make Duolingo more powerful and personalized language learning, increasing user satisfaction and improving learning outcomes worldwide.

6.4 Dream Brush -

Dream Brush- AI app created in Flutterflow

Dream Brush is the flagship DALL·E 3 AI art application available for iOS and Android. It was developed in less than five days. It integrates perfectly with RevenueCat subscriptions, enhancing the user experience with the latest OpenAI technology.

Featured in Flutterflow's showcase panel shows how Flutterflow enables developers to quickly build high-performance AI applications. It allows users around the world to create and share digital art in their language using Algolia for easy image search and inspiration. Dream Brush sets a new standard for mobile AI app development in digital art, combining cutting-edge artificial intelligence with user-friendly design. 

Check out more information on Dream Brush

6.5 Magic Recipe

Magic recipe Ai App

Introducing Magic Recipe, your go-to AI app for cooking! It offers personalized recommendations, ensuring you never run out of cooking ideas to enjoy. Its friendly interface allows you to easily explore new dishes by searching for ingredients the user has selected and saving your favorites for later. Enjoy discovering and creating delicious meals with Magic Recipe!

Check out more great features of Magic recipe

 7. How Flutterflow's built-in AI features help to build more productive apps.

Flutterflow is not just a low-code development platform; thanks to its innovative built-in artificial intelligence, it is a productivity powerhouse. These features will help you streamline your app development process:

We are talking about Flutterflow AI Gen, which is an AI assistant that helps users at every step of the app development journey.

This image shows Flutterflow Gen AI features

7.1 AI Page Gen: 

Just describe the type of page you need and provide the information you need. AI Gen instantly creates a basic layout for the app screens based on your description. Reflecting the transparency of Flutterflow, 

you can also export code generated by Flutterflow

For example, type "Fitness app homepage" and Flutterflow will generate the layout of your fitness app in seconds.

7.2 AI Theme Generation: 

Not sure about your color scheme? Describe the mood or target audience of your app, and AI Theme Gen will easily create a consistent color palette for your app.

Easily create unique and beautiful color themes from text descriptions. Flutterflow makes it visually appealing in seconds.

7.3 AI Schema Gen:

Describe your application's data structure in natural language and AI Schema Gen automatically generates the backend model, saving time and reducing errors. It's incredibly easy for beginners to use because the backend is generated in seconds.

7.4 AI Code Gen: 

Describe a simple application function and AI Code Gen will try to generate a corresponding Flutter code snippet

Use AI Code Gen in FlutterFlow easy-to-use visual app development platform.

By utilizing these AI features, you can:

- Reduce Development Time: Eliminate repetitive tasks to focus on core app functionalities.

- Boost Design Efficiency: Quickly generate layouts and color schemes for faster iteration.

- Simplify Data Management: Automate backend schema creation to streamline development.

- Enhance App Functionality: Integrate intelligent features like object and text recognition, adding significant value to your app.

With Flutterflow's Gen AI features, you can enhance productivity, streamline development workflows, and create feature-rich applications efficiently.

8. Predictions of the Future of Artificial Intelligence

From the above readings, you realized that Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role in application development, bringing advanced features that improve user experience and simplify operations. AI can help to tailor an application based on user behavior, automate repetitive tasks like customer support or data analysis, and even predict future trends to help businesses make informed decisions. By integrating artificial intelligence technologies such as Generative AI developers can create smarter applications that are more intuitive, efficient, and responsive to user needs. This not only increases user satisfaction but also enables companies to innovate faster and stay competitive in today's digital environment.

This chart shows improvements in AI- enhanced App Development

The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on application development is revolutionary. 

AI continues to transform application development at various stages from design to deployment. This change is already happening. AI can perform tasks more cheaply, faster, and more accurately than humans, reducing the need for large development teams. Although new roles are emerging, they are not coming fast enough to offset initial layoffs.

AI will continue to reshape app development across various stages, from design to deployment. This shift is already happening. AI can perform tasks more cheaply, quickly, and accurately than humans, reducing the need for large development teams. 

As per the article in Forbes, By 2030, artificial intelligence will be deeply integrated into application development processes. We use artificial intelligence as a personal coding assistant, project assistant, and project manager. AI supports us every step of the way, helping with coding, debugging, user experience design, testing, and deployment. AI-powered apps are becoming the norm, offering advanced features and a better user experience.

To prepare for the future, app developers must spread awareness and continuously educate themselves. Artificial intelligence can automate repetitive coding tasks, freeing developers to focus on the more complex and creative aspects of app development. In healthcare, AI-powered applications can analyze medical data and provide valuable insights. In transportation, AI can improve navigation and logistics applications, making them more efficient and user-friendly.

Application developers will increasingly rely on artificial intelligence. With the right approach, we can take advantage of this progress and meet the challenges.

9. Conclusion -

AI is revolutionizing application development by making applications smarter, more efficient, and more personalized. Lowcode AI App Development Tools like Flutterflow have made it easier and easier for developers to integrate AI, allowing them to quickly build innovative and powerful applications. From chatbots and AI assistants to advanced image recognition and personalized experiences, AI enhances the capabilities of apps in many ways. As artificial intelligence develops, it will play an even greater role in our daily lives and various industries. By staying informed and adapting to these changes, we can use the power of artificial intelligence to improve our work, our lives, and the world around us.

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