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Magic Recipe AI
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Magic Recipe AI

Transform your pantry into a culinary playground! Magic Recipe, your AI-powered Flutter recipe app, suggests delicious dishes based on your available ingredients. Save recipes, explore new flavors, and reduce food waste

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Home cook hero: Explore endless recipe possibilities with Magic Recipe.

Unleash your inner chef with this AI-powered recipe app! Simply select the ingredients you have on hand, and watch as the app magically suggests delicious dishes you can create for breakfast,lunch and dinner. No more food waste, no more mealtime dilemmas – explore endless culinary possibilities with this Flutterflow AI recipe app.

Moreover, this Flutter AI App provides step-by-step instructions on how to create each dish, making cooking even easier and more enjoyable.

This Flutterflow AI App suggests the best dishes to users based on selected ingredients.

Home chefs, rejoice! This Flutter AI app boasts a slick and intuitive UI for effortless recipe exploration. Search by ingredient, name, or category, discover delicious new dishes, and save your favorites for easy access later. No more scrambling for inspiration

This Flutterflow Artificial Inteligence app also provide step by step instructions of meal making of particular dish which is selected.


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