[Solved] Convert Images Into Icons for Your FlutterFlow Projects.

[Solved] Convert Images Into Icons for Your FlutterFlow Projects.

Learn how to import custom icon and create custom icons for your Flutterflow projects by converting images.

Pankaj Sharma
August 14, 2023
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As Flutterflow developers, we often encounter a common challenge - either not having the required assets provided by clients or lacking assets in the appropriate format for development, such as icons. However, there's a simple solution to this problem that can save you from this hassle. In this blog post, we'll guide you through a few easy steps to convert images into icons quickly and efficiently.

Why choose icons over images?

Icons bring a new level of efficiency and elegance to both websites and mobile applications. Icons are designed to load swiftly, ensuring a seamless user experience. Unlike images, which can slow down your platform due to longer loading times, icons load faster, icons ensure your content appears promptly, capturing your audience's attention and boosting user satisfaction. Whether you're developing a website or a mobile app, remember, icons are the key to a faster and more engaging digital experience.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Let's start by choosing the image you want to convert into an icon. Ensure that the image is in the SVG format. If it's not in SVG format, you can easily convert image into svg vis this link.
  2. Next, Go to Fluttericon it is the perfect tool for converting your SVG image into an icon.
  3. Once you have your SVG image, drag and drop it into Fluttericon. It will do the magic for you, and you'll have your icon ready to go! To get the icon, simply click on the download button located at the top right corner of the screen.
  4. When you download the icon, it will downloaded as a zip file format. To access the icon file, you need to unzip it. If you're not sure how to unzip files, check out this link.
  5. Once you've extracted the file, you'll find the icon in TTF Format along with the dart file which you can now easily use in your Flutterflow projects.

Adding custom icons in Flutterflow

  • Open FlutterFlow and head to the sidebar.
  • Click on "Theme" to access the settings.
  • Choose "Typography & Icons" to customize your icons.
  • In the "Custom Icons" section, hit the "Add Icon" button.
  • Look for the "Upload Icon File" button and click it.
  • Locate the unzipped file you downloaded, then select the TTF file.
  • Next, it'll prompt you to upload the dart file. Find it in the same unzipped folder and select it.
  • Click "Add Icons," and just like that, your custom icon becomes a part of your FlutterFlow project!

Use Custom Icons in Flutterflow

  • At this point you're ready to use your custom icon, for that navigate to the "Icon" section.
  • Head to the third tab labelled "Custom Icons."
  • There it is—your very own custom icon, ready to be used in your project. Just click on it and voila!

With these simple steps, you've successfully added your custom icon into your Flutterflow project.


Fluttericon is a fantastic tool for converting images into icons for your development needs. While it generally provides excellent results, it's worth noting that highly complex images may not replicate perfectly as icons. For the best outcome, try to use simple and straightforward images. With these simple steps, you'll have a collection of custom icons at your disposal, making your FlutterFlow App development journey smoother and more enjoyable.

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[Solved] Convert Images Into Icons for Your FlutterFlow Projects.

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