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Supabase is Low Code Backend Technology which you can use as a backend for your Flutterflow development.

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Everything About Flutterflow Supabase

Supabase Introduction

Supabase utilizes PostgreSQL, a proven and powerful relational database.it is like a free and open-source version of Firebase. It's designed for developers who want to create really powerful apps. Supabase uses a bunch of open-source tools to help you build these apps. It gives you things like a special kind of database called Postgres, systems to make sure only the right people can use your app, and even makes some parts of your app automatically. It can also store your files, do smart things with AI, and has a control panel to manage everything.

No matter if you're working alone on a small project or in a big team making a huge app, Supabase is good because it's flexible (can be changed easily), can grow with your app, and you can add more things to it. Since it's open-source, which means anyone can look at and use the code, lots of people help make it better. And that's good for you because it means there are lots of people to help you out and share ideas with. our team comprises of supabase flutterflow developers.

Supabase Features

      ●     Database
○     Postgres , Extensions, Functions, Triggers, Webhooks, Backups, Search, Encryption, Migration

        ●      Authentication
○      Email login, Magiclink, Social login, Phone login, Row Level Security, Serverside Auth Helpers, Auth UI Kit

        ●      API & Client Library
○      Auto-generated REST API, Auto-generated GraphQL API, Realtime DB changes, User Broadcasting, User Presence, Client libraries

       ●      Storage & Edge functions
○      File storage, storage CDN, Image Transformation, Deno Edge Functions

Supabase Advantages

      ●     No Getting Stuck
○     Supabase is like a free bird because it's open-source. You can use it wherever you want - on your own cloud or even on your computer.

      ●     Talking to Data in SQL
○     Supabase uses something called PostgreSQL which lets you talk to your data using a special language called SQL. This language is really flexible and powerful, and many people already know how to use it.
●     Growing and Perfomance
○     PostgreSQL is like a superhero for handling lots of work and being really fast. It's great for apps that need to answer questions super quickly.

 ●     Blogs
○     The Supabase blog is like a guide for developers who want to make the best use of the platform. In the blog posts, you can find useful tips about using Supabase. They talk about things like how to create an online store or how to work with Postgres SQL using Supabase. It's also a good spot to know about the latest things happening on the platform.

      ●     Community Support
○     Supabase has a really nice community. The people who work on Supabase are super committed to helping everyone do well with their platform. So, if you ever need help or just want to chat with others, you can join their Slack workspace or Reddit group. It's a cool way to meet other developers and talk about your ideas.


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"They were quick at identifying stakeholders"

The team understands the client's target users and can work around technological challenges effectively. They also deliver tasks on time, and their members are truly knowledgeable when it comes to tools .

Manisha Raina | FlutterflowDevs Client
Manisha Raina
COO at JiverJinx  (South Africa)

"Best Flutterflow Development Team "

FlutterflowDevs has successfully deployed apps that meet the client's requirements. Leading a streamlined workflow, the team delivers on time and is responsive to the client's needs. The team's proactive communication, combined with their strong development skills, stand out.

Austin Nolan | FlutterflowDevs Client
Austin Nolan
Director of Product Management at Bawlio (Georgia, US)

"I was impressed with their responsiveness and sincere work"

The team delivers their tasks on time without compromising quality. Moreover, their resources are responsive and sincere. Overall, the engagement is highly successful.

Shekhar Nirkhe | FlutterflowDevs Client
Shekhar Nirkhe
Chief Technical officer at ZeeHub (California, US)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can i use supabase with flutterflow?

You can get proper tutorial that how can you use Supabase for your Flutteflow project.
Link - https://docs.flutterflow.io/data-and-backend/supabase

Is there any example of Flutterflow Apps having backend of Supabase?

To view few examples of Flutterflow app with supabase backend . you can check our portfolio page. you can find few projects which we have done having Flutterflow and supabase as tech stack.

What are the most important features in Supabase?

Edge functions, File storage, CDN storage, API & Client libraries, database functions-webhooks-triggeres-backup, Built-in security & monitoring, Realtime notifications via websockets, Custom API docs for your schema.

What kind of database Supabase using?

Supabase uses Postgres database, an open source stable and advanced database. Firebase alternative offering real-time databases, authentication, and file storage

Why FlutterflowDevs is the best agency to develop your Flutterflow Supabase app?

Our team have extensive knowledge on supabase. We have won Flutterflow Supabase 2023 Hackathon. Due to our extensive knowledge, we are the right team for your Flutterflow Supabase app development.

Is Supabase a secured option to choose?

Supabase is relied by thousands of developers globally. they are SOC2, HIPPA compliant and they have data encryption, role based access control , backup and vulnerability management.

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