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An Marketplace app made in Flutterflow that helps vendors and guardians talk and plan activities easily. It makes scheduling simple and keeps everyone in the loop – a hassle-free way to stay connected.

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LaunchOut: A Class Booking & Scheduling App for vendors and guardians

LaunchOut is a groundbreaking marketplace application developed on Flutterflow that simplifies coordination between activity vendors and guardians. Leveraging the power of Flutter, this innovative Flutter marketplace app streamlines scheduling for vendors, offering a user-friendly interface for effortless class management. Guardians benefit from easy access to comprehensive vendor reports and detailed class information, enhancing the overall communication experience.

This Flutterflow Marketplace app shows All the activity of vendors and details like classname, revenue, services information and total classes.

With this  Flutterflow marketplace app, vendors can seamlessly schedule classes and gain access to a detailed 7-day report, empowering them to track both upcoming and past scheduled classes with a  user-friendly experience. This feature not only enhances efficiency but also provides valuable insights for better organization. This Flutter Marketplace App redefines the way vendors manage their activities, offering a powerful tool to set a new standard in the marketplace.

This Flutter Marketplace App let vendors acess their detailed 7- day report and can easilt track all classes.

Guardians can effortlessly explore a diverse array of classes offered by local vendors, all conveniently categorized for easy searching within this innovative Flutter marketplace app. Filter options based on your child's interests ensure you find the perfect fit, whether it's an online or onsite class. Experience the convenience of streamlined class discovery and registration with this Marketplace Flutterflow App which enhances your journey in finding the ideal learning opportunities for your child.

Gurdians can easily check their scheduled classes and can check all classes. This app shows onsite and online classes.

This Flutterflow marketplace app ensures seamless coordination and easy access to essential information. After booking a class, guardians can stay informed by viewing all booked classes in a clear calendar layout within the app. Dive into the details effortlessly, discovering information about the teacher, participants, and location, all neatly organized for your convenience.

In this Flutterflow class booking app, after booking class gurdians can check all their classes in calender and can check all the details of class booked like participants, class type , timings, price and teacher.

After each completed class, This Flutterflow marketplace application, encourages guardians to share honest reviews and feedback, fostering a transparent and dynamic learning environment. This valuable feedback becomes a powerful tool for vendors, offering insights into their strengths and highlighting areas for improvement. Using this Flutter app, parents can easily share their thoughts, and vendors can see these reviews directly on their dashboard.

This Flutterflow Marketplace app asks gurdians to review the class after class is completed, so vendor can improve in next scheduled class.

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They treated our dream as their own and went above and beyond to accommodate us.

The client was satisfied with FlutterflowDevs (ThorDevelopers)'s work and performance. The team managed the project seamlessly, delivering on time and communicating transparently.

FlutterflowDevs Client Austin Nolan
Michelle Steinbach
Launch Out (Johannesburg, South Africa)

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