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Welcome to the LaunchOut web portal, Admin's gateway that seamlessly connects vendors and guardians for various activities and classes.

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LaunchOut : Connecting Learning Journeys, Empowering Futures.

Welcome to the Launchout Flutterflow Web Administration Portal! it is Admin's central hub for overseeing all aspects related to guardians and vendors.

Here, administrators can efficiently manage guardians and vendors, including the ability to activate or deactivate them as needed. This dedicated portal specifically caters to guardians, allowing administrators to access comprehensive information about each guardian, including their location, email, and contact details. Admin stay empowered and informed as you navigate through our user-friendly interface designed to streamline guardian management tasks.

Administrators can access vital information about vendors, such as their location, email and current status. Additionally, administrators have the ability to select and view all activities and details of vendors, including contact information and average ratings. With the power to activate or deactivate vendors as necessary, our Flutterflow web portal empowers admin to efficiently manage vendor network and optimize their operations.

When an admin selects a specific vendor, they gain access to comprehensive details about the classes offered by that vendor. This Flutterflow Web portal provides all relevant information regarding the vendor's classes, including age range, class location, pricing, income generated, package details, and average rating for each class provided by the vendor.

With this level of insight, administrators can make informed decisions, optimize vendor relationships, and ensure the delivery of high-quality services to our users.


What client has to say?


They treated our dream as their own and went above and beyond to accommodate us.

The client was satisfied with FlutterflowDevs (ThorDevelopers)'s work and performance. The team managed the project seamlessly, delivering on time and communicating transparently.

FlutterflowDevs Client Austin Nolan
Michelle Steinbach
Launch Out (Johannesburg, South Africa)

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