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Email Marketing Specialist

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Full Time
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San Francisco

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Flutterflow Training Modules

We'll teach you the topics your team needs to build scalable Flutterflow applications. All training materials are kept up to date with the latest stable releases of Flutterflow and Flutter.


●      Flutterflow Introduction

●      User Interface Development in Flutterflow

               ○      Responsive UI Development

                             ■      Widgets

                             ■      App Bar

                             ■      Nav Bar

                             ■      Drawer

               ○      Theme Management,

               ○      Components Creation & Design Library Creation for Reusability

●      Authentication in Flutterflow

                ○      Email, Phone, Google, Apple etc.

●      Rest API  Management in Flutterflow

                ○      Integration

                ○      Saving API's to Flutterflow, Testing

                ○      API Management

●      Implementation of Different functionalities in Flutterflow

               ○      Light-Dark settings

               ○      Different Language Option in your App or Website,

               ○      Permissions ( Contact, Camera etc. )

               ○      Push Notification etc.

●      Implementation of Different integrations & Settings

               ○       GitHub

               ○       Algolia

              ○       Maps etc.

●      Writing Custom Flutter code

               ○      Custom Function

               ○      Custom Action

               ○      Custom Widget

●      Other Important things

              ○      App State Management

              ○      Pub Dev. Integration

              ○      Simple Search

              ○      Deep Linking, etc.

●      Testing in Flutterflow or on different devices

             ○      Apps (Android, iOS), Web App

             ○      Tablet

            ○      Website

●      Debugging in Flutterflow

            ○      With VSCode

            ○      With Android Studio

●      Deployment & Version Management in Flutterflow